Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Book Connection

I must admit; I was getting a little worried for a moment there.

Before I returned to Dubbo, Popular Penguins were really easy to find. Bathurst had heaps of places that stocked them: a fantastic little independent bookshop called Books Plus, the local Post Office and I’d even seen them in Coles.

But once I got to Dubbo, my beloved wallet-friendly, orange and white classics proved to be pretty bloody scarce. In the month and a half I’ve been back in town, I’d not seen them once. Sure, I had a few in my collection at home which I could get through to bide the time until I had to buy a new one, but it was only a matter of time until I had to add another title to my personal library. And what was I to do when that time came around?

Well, my worrying was for naught, it seems, all because I had forgotten about our old friend, the independent bookstore.

I remembered The Book Connection while I was on the bus back to Bathurst. Not having been in Dubbo for any extended period of time, I had completely forgotten about the little store on Macquarie Street, where used and new books sit side by side. Surely, if anywhere in Dubbo was going to have Popular Penguins, it was Dave Pankhurst’s Book Connection.

And boy, did they have plenty of Popular Penguins!

Did you like my alliteration? I did it all by myself!

As you can see, they’ve got almost every title on my 35-page list! (And a few I was pretty sure WEREN’T on it!)

They even had a few other Penguin classics around the back for the same $9.95 price! (But they’re not orange and white, and they’re not on my list, so they’ll have to wait for another time, another blog.)

Dave was in, so I told him about my little project, and he was really encouraging, which was great! (As well as not thinking me ridiculously weird for taking a photo of his display, which makes me think it’s not the strangest request they’ve had by a mile.)

So, it looks like my challenge just got a whole lot easier!

- Noni

PS. For those keeping track, I’m up to Chapter 3 of Jane Eyre. It’s as tricky a read as I remember… Oh well, we soldier on!