Friday, April 22, 2011

Best. Wedding. Invite. EVER.

The glories of the internet...

This one was linked to me by the AMAZING Bridget Case. That link is for her Twitter. Trust me, following her will be the best thing you do all day.*

If I ever get married (highly unlikely), I think this may be pitched as a potential part of proceedings.**

Have you seen any magnificent Popular Penguin related items lately? Let me know! I'd love to add them to the blog. (With full credit to your good self for finding it, of course!)

I really love that this simple design has become such an icon that people are keen to appropriate it in such inventive ways! Love, love, love it.

There is a 'In Cold Blood' video uploading as we speak. I recorded it a week ago, but have only just got around to getting it online. Stupid crappy connection and questionable software (ahem*iMovie*ahem) has made this far more difficult that it needed to be.

Until the next post (give me an hour or two, okay?): stay sharp, stay safe, stay human!

All my lovin',

Noni Doll

*Unless you're a brain surgeon who saved somebody's life. Even I will admit that's pretty hard to top.

**Due to my work in radio, and the hatred of the 'p' sound in said industry due to its high potential for popping, I don't get to use 'p' alliteration very often. That appears to be reflecting in the amount of time I spend accidentally using it on this blog. Oops.