Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Book Of Longing - read by Leonard Cohen

When I was reading the poetry in Book of Longing, I seriously did wonder how I was going to turn it all into a review at the end of the process. One of the ideas I thought about was recording videos of myself reading some of my favourite poems.

But why would I do that, when the man who wrote them can do so himself?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Leonard Cohen, reading his poem, "The Book of Longing", with music by Phillip Glass. Enjoy.

The Book of Longing

I can't make the hills
The system is shot
I'm living on pills
For which I thank G-d

I followed the course
From chaos to art
Desire the horse
Depression the cart

I sailed like a swan
I sank like a rock
But time is long gone
Past my laughing stock

My page was too white
My ink was too thin
The day wouldn't write
What the night pencilled in

My animal howls
My angel's upset
And I'm not allowed
A trace of regret

For someone will use
What I couldn't be
My heart will be hers

She'll step on the path
She'll see what I mean
My will cut in half
And freedom between

For less than a second
Our lives will collide
The endless suspended
The door open wide

Then she will be born
To someone like you
What no one has done
She'll continue to do

I know she is coming
I know she will look
And that is the longing
And this is the book.

(c) Leonard Cohen 2006

Wasn't that lovely?

More poetry from Cohen coming soon. I've got another two up my sleeve for you before I get stuck into another title.

x ND