Sunday, May 6, 2012

Have You Seen This Book?


Yes, I regret to inform you, dear reader, that I have misplaced my copy of A Spy In The House Of Love, because I am the queen of losing things. I'm pretty bummed about it, because I was already a quarter of the way through it, and there's nothing quite as nice as sitting in The Phoenix, cradling a beer as I read a good book. (And this week I have needed that even more than usual. This is not a good time to deprive me of my little pleasures.)

But it's okay. I'm working to remedy this. I've already put in an order with Borders, and should have my new copy here soon. (If the email I wrote in a panic post-ordering about my change of address went through okay.)**

So yes, let's just take a moment to reflect on how spectacularly I'm failing at being a reasonable adult.

**EDIT: Yep, I put the wrong address on the order. No, it's not going to come to me, because I made such spectacular epic fail of putting in my address that I put the house my parents have recently moved out of. It will probably get to me eventually, but not for a week or so. But props to Borders for getting back to me so quick to let me know that I am a complete and utter moron.

Urgh. This is why I like bookshops.

If you have ever lost a book, let us collectively mourn them in the comment section.


UPDATE! 12/5/12! - I found it! I found it!!

It was in my room all along, under a pile of stuff.

I am so freaking stupid.

- N