Sunday, January 13, 2013

Good Readings!

Hello again!

Just a brief update to let you know that not only am I halfway through my current book, but I have also just activated my brand spanking new Goodreads account! I'll be using to track my Penguin Doll readings, but also using it to keep track of non-Penguins that I'm keen to read.

If you take a look at my read books, you'll probably notice that there are a lot of children's titles in there. I guess the reason so many are in there is because reading has been a part of my life for such a long time, and as a result, I have a remarkable number of vivid memories about my favourite childhood tales.

Either way, I hope you'll befriend me there, and I'm sure I'll have a review of Perfume up for you really soon!

Much love,

x N