Monday, April 21, 2014

Penguins of War

I know it's been a long time since I posted anything here, but over the last few days I've tried to get my rear back into gear in terms of this blog. I've got a new book to read and a new video (still in the editing suite - it'll be with you soon) and plenty more exciting little tidbits, including a new design and new name coming your way in the coming weeks. Things are getting exciting! They're moving along! I'm getting somewhere!

And then this arrives in my inbox as part of the regular Bookworld mail out in the lead up to ANZAC Day:

The correct response is either "Hooray!" or "Oh crap." I haven't decided yet.

I'm really not sure how to feel about this. 

On one hand, having a few more titles to add to my challenge is kind of nice. It's an opportunity to expand my reading in terms of war stories, which have never really fallen into my area of interest. (Except Nancy Wake. That lady kicked arse.) And look at that price! That's almost two dollars off the recommended retail price! I could definitely jump on that train!

On the other hand, this means I have four (maybe more) books to add to my list of Popular Penguins. With over 200 orange titles, a bunch of green crime titles, the pink McGrath Foundation titles and these new khaki war titles, I'm never going to get through them all at this rate!

Oh well. Better just pick up the pace and get on with it.